Nadia Rusinova


Law lecturer




Main areas of expertise:

EU and international family law

Private international law

Child protection and children's rights

Equality law and LGBTQI+ rights

My journey since becoming an attorney-at-law in 2003 has been a remarkable one. Over the years, I have honed my expertise by navigating through countless cross-border disputes, equipping legal professionals with knowledge through both in-person and online training sessions, and offering my insights as an expert witness in private international law cases.

Presently, next to my law practice, I hold the position of Lecturer at The Hague University in the Netherlands, where I teach EU family law, private international law, equality law and children's rights. My passion lies in the art of teaching and training, and I am deeply captivated by the transformative impact we, as experts, can make in the lives of individuals, particularly in the realm of child protection.

Everything I do is geared towards showing that child and family law is different than all other areas of law: we deal not only with vulnerable human beings but with relationships, which will endure long after the particular legal issue is over.

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